Electric vehicle charging pile

Electric vehicle charging pile


Our company specializes in the research and development and manufacturing of stage lighting source modules, with high-power light engine modules being one of our core products and a highly cost-effective option in the market.


  • High brightness: Our high-power light engine modules use high-quality LED light sources and optical systems to provide extremely high brightness and illuminance, making them suitable for a variety of high-demand lighting applications.
  • High efficiency: Our high-power light engine modules are highly efficient, saving energy and reducing electricity and maintenance costs while also extending the lifespan of the product.
  • High reliability: Our high-power light engine modules are made with high-quality materials and professional production processes, ensuring excellent reliability and stability for long-term use.

TINY and ultra brightness

Our solution has realized the extremely & efficiency optical designed, excellent heat management and very brightness LED light source. We provide stabilize, high performance, good quality and competitive choice to our valued customers. Our product has cover the power rage from 100W to 1200W with the equivalent output over to 90,000lm lumens.

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