About Us

We are a supplier of LED and UV module application solutions, specially suitable for stage lighting, automotive lighting, UV lighting, projectors and HUDs. Our LED module solution is matched with a high thermal conductivity substrate. Especially suitable for high-power small-size PCB design.


Chuangtian is not only a solution provider for LED and UV modules, we also have a professional EMS supplier, located in the Xinqing Technology Industrial Zone, Doumen, Zhuhai, with 10,000 square feet of ESD control and RoHS-compliant facilities. We focus on LED PCB assembly and post-production services. In order to meet customers' product types and quick response, we provide customers with high-mix small batch production. We have extensive experience in managing HMLV production. We are proficient in scheduling, inventory management, error prevention and process control. Our factory is equipped with an advanced SMT manufacturing environment, world-class manufacturing equipment and testing instruments required. Our advanced X-ray machine allows us to check the excretion of all MCPCB-based PCBAs.


Our global footprint covers the United States, Europe, ASEAN and Greater China. Our headquarters and production facilities are located in Hong Kong and Zhuhai, China.