Mobile energy storage battery

Mobile energy storage battery

energy storage

As our demand for electronic products becomes more and more reliant, the demand for electric energy storage has also greatly increased. Therefore, SKYTRONIC provides customers with high-quality, reliable and easy-to-use mobile energy storage products in this regard, whether it is self-driving, outdoor work or power outage emergency, can meet your needs and bring a new experience to life.

Scope of application

  • Power outage emergency
  • Outdoor camping
  • Outdoor construction
  • Mobile worker
  • Car rescue
  • Travel far by car
  • Photographic aerial photography

True green energy

As a member of the global village, we use water-soluble patented lithium batteries that can achieve a 99% recycling rate, which can reduce carbon emissions and do not pollute the environment, contributing to the earth and the next generation.

Sufficient power storage energy and longer life

The water-soluble batteries we use have high density, which is more adequate than general lithium battery energy storage, longer and safer life.

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