5KWH Wall Mount Energy Storage for Home

5KWH Wall Mount Energy Storage for Home


Name Battery
P/N 51.2V 100Ah
Capacity 5kWh(max. 75KWh)
Efficiency 90%±5%
Deep of Discharge(DOD 80%
Capacity ≥4.6kWh
Life Cycle Room temperature, 0.3C Discharge, 80% DOD, > 4000 times, (80%)
Continuous charging current (A). 50A (adjustable)
Continuous discharge current (A). 50A (adjustable)
Discharge rate 1.0 C
Battery energy 25°C 4kWh (100% DOD @ 1C rate)
– 20°C 3.6 kWh(100% DOD @ 1C rate)
Storage temperature Less than 45°C is the optimal storage temperature
Self-discharge 25°C, ≤5% per month

Product Features:

a. The energy storage battery pack can realize up to 15 sets of parallel connection functions, which greatly facilitates user expansion.

b. Ultra-thin design, thickness is only 91mm; Dimensions: 1050*590*91mm, weight: about 57Kg

C. It adopts wall mounting method, which has the advantages of beautiful appearance and space saving.


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