7KW AC wall mounted charging pile

7KW AC wall mounted charging pile

Application scenario:


  • Simple operation: the mobile phone scans the code to start charging
  • Charging mode: Auto full charge / Quantitative charge / Timed charge / Pricing charge
  • Operation management: platform settlement
  • Payment methods: mobile APP payment, WeChat payment

Product parameters:

Parameter power 7KW
Input and output characteristics
Input voltage AC220V ± 20%
Input frequency 50 ± 1 Hz
Output voltage AC220V ± 20%
Output current 16A
Working environment
Operating temperature -20 ~ +50℃
Operating humidity 5~90%RH
Security features
Degree of protection IP54
Leakage protection ≤30mA
Communication interface 4G
Exterior material ABS plastic
Product size 33023093mm


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